Monday, March 31, 2014

Dressing for Spring When You're Over 40

Spring is a great time of year for starting with a clean slate, so when I needed some new clothes, I contacted my sister who is fantastic with everyday, wearable fashions. She always looks tasteful and seems to whip up outfits out of thin air. Perfect, because she had her work cut out for her with me. She lives oversees, so we coordinated via text, emails, downloading images and going back and forth with ideas and suggestions.
I told her I wanted some new clothes, but needed them to be.... age appropriate. She's younger than I am, so she hasn't hit that hurdle yet, but she understood my mission. And she was so helpful with her hints and suggestions. I used a lot of clothes that I had on hand and just purchased a few pieces to stretch my wardrobe further. 
 The Lazy Day outfit is feminine and yet functional. I can wear it shopping, to work or to visit the girls. On cool days, I can add a pair of leggings and I can add a hat if I plan to spend time out in the sun. The jean jacket and lacy texture of the dress make for a fun contrast. The beauty of this outfit is that almost any short dress (or even skirt) will make it easy to pull this off. Add a long necklace or two and the look is complete.
This 'Around Town' outfit is another way to wear a skirt during the cool spring days. The scarf adds a pop of color to the black and white outfit. This outfit would also look cute with boots.
 This 'Cool Spring' outfit is a great way to keep using winter clothes for spring, just replace winter's long sleeve shirts with a camisole under the blazer and add a spring scarf with a pop of color.
I love this 'Every Day' outfit because I just combine comfy jeans with a fun top. The top is a fun print, but the colors keep it simple and I add a burst of color with my necklace and shoes.
I love having an outfit for the breezy days of spring. The long sleeve jacket will keep me warm and the scarf over the jacket adds color, texture and more layers.
My Fun Night Outfit is one of my favorites for spring. Although it's more like a summer outfit in many parts of New England, it's still a fun outfit. The long sleeve shirt, same color shorts and shoes make for a sleek look with bursts of color in accessories, (clutch, belt and necklaces).
Some of my sister's fashion advice:
1. Keep outfits simple with neutrals and add colors with accessories or just one item (like a shirt or jacket).
2. Think Layers - Add layers with necklaces, jackets and scarves.
3. Mix short with long - but not short with short. This was great advice that I will use going forth. If I wear shorts, I am sure to have a long sleeved top. If I wear a sleeveless top, I'll wear a long skirt or pants. I'll avoid shorts and a sleeveless top, without a jacket or blazer.
4. Stick with colors you love, but don't be afraid to try a new color. I love blues and teals but this year I decided to try using some coral as well.
5. Don't hesitate to reuse a favorite outfit or item. I reused my blue scarf and jackets for a few outfits. I love them, feel comfortable in them and enjoy it.
6. Avoid crop tops and bare midriffs.
7. Wear whatever shoes you like. If you want to wear heels, go for it. If you want to wear flats exclusively, do it.

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You are stunning and brilliant! You deserve ALL the credit! You are beautiful!