Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Recipe: Chocolate Mint Torte

Here's a quick recipe that I threw together inspired by St. Patrick's Day. We had a dinner with the girls and their grandparents during their Spring Break and needed a little dessert. I made brownies and a mint cream cheese frosting. At the last minute, I decided to change up from a serving a frosted brownie to a individual trifles. I had these little dessert glasses, that hold more than a shot glass, but less than a high ball glass. I guess they're called dessert dishes now and here's a link to a some.
I layered brownie, frosting, brownie, frosting and then added some chocolate sticks on top.
You can assemble this with all store bought ingredients, but I made everything from scratch. I melted chocolate and filled a parchment triangle with the melted chocolate, then piped chocolate lines onto another sheet of parchment. I let the chocolate harden, then topped the trifles as a garnish.

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