Friday, March 14, 2014

Some Favorite Products

Here are some of my current favorite things that I find to be extremely comfortable or useful.
 As shoes go, I am a "boots girl" but I needed a pair of muted heels for an upcoming event. I found these gorgeous and comfortable leather pumps by Gianni Bini. The rounded toe and nude color make them fashionable for many outfits and also comfortable for standing, walking and dancing.
 We are always told to wear sunscreen to protect skin from prematurely aging and sun damage. I have found it so difficult to wear sunscreen without breaking out, my skin turing red and getting irritated. I tried a number of sunscreens and never had any luck, but I've been using Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Liquid with SPF 70 for 3 weeks with no ill effects.  I apply it to my freshly washed face, then apply moisturizer over that about 10 minutes later.
Finding a comfortable sports bra is very difficult. Comfortable ones don't offer much support. When I recently went to a Maidenform Outlet, I found what looked like a sports bra. The sales clerk told me it was a bra made for walking... not running. I thought all bras were made for walking! But at least she was forthcoming. I found the sports bra "Incredible" by Victoria's Secret and gave it a try. A week later I bought 3 more. It's supportive and great for running and tennis. They are costly (over $50 each) but so far are the best one I've found.

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