Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter Recaps... Bloopers and All

We had a great Easter dinner together and the weather was exceptional. We had a great time and missed the ones that couldn't make the trip, but we want you to know that we thought of you.
We'll start out with the good photos....
Give cousins... 4 pretty girls and 1 adorable boy. Ages 20 - 2! But, we are definitely a boot family.
Dame brought 3 dozen Cascaron eggs for us to celebrate Easter. The idea is that you smash the hollowed out confetti filled egg over someone's head and it brings you good luck for the next year. Some of us got VERY excited... Don't let her beauty fool you, this little girl was ferocious!
 Theo was no slacker and he waited for the right moment and then POUNCED.
 Even little Ellie tried her hand at the celebration. Her father patiently waited while she tried, once, twice, three smashes to break the egg. Poor Brian left with a mild concussion and a very happy daughter!
My brother and I reverted back to our childhood...
 And I couldn't let Claudia go away without a hair full of confetti! I finally caught up with her!
 But, I was not to be outdone! She quickly returned the favor.
 And little Ellie is a quick learner! She tried her hand at it...
 And she became an old pro... even got her Grandpa!
Our very enthusiastic guests!
And Theo was a master building a lego motorcycle.
And here are where the bloopers began...M and Brian wanted a family picture with Ellie who wasn't in the mood for it. In the photo you can see Ellie on the far right, playing in the woods. Ellie refused to sit for the photos.
 Until it came time for Dame & Laurie's family photo.  Guess who wanted in?  It will make an interesting Christmas card for next year!
 And we have a bear cub in the family. Theo jimmied up the tree as if he had claws. His parents yelled to him to stop there! He would have kept going all the way to the top if allowed!

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