Saturday, April 05, 2014

Our Drive Down the East Coast in An Electric Car - Tesla - Part 2

 We made it through Delaware to Bethesda, MD. The Bethesda charging station is a temporary one located at a mall outside a Nordstroms. We arrived at 9:20 and the mall closed at 9:30, so we didn't have an opportunity to go inside for more than a couple of minutes. It would have been more comfortable to walk around the mall, but instead we waited inside the car for the charge to complete. We departed Bethesda at 9:45 pm.
 Our next few charging stops were all operational and vacant. We stopped in Glen Allen, VA at 11:26 pm. This charger was located on the outside of a strip mall. There were a number of charging stations and all were available to us. The first one we selected was working and we departed at midnight on the nose.
We were both getting tired, so we disused stopping at our next supercharger stop in Rocky Mount, NC. We arrived at 2:00 am and it was conveniently located on the campus of four hotels -(Doubletree, Comfort Inn, Hampton Inn and Quality Inn). Unfortunately for us, every hotel was booked due to a convention. We decided to rest push forward and switch drivers as soon as one of us got tired. I dozed off for a bit and Jon drove. We departed at 2:52 for our next stop.
 We arrived in Lumberton, NC at 4:36 am. We set the car up to charge and found a 24 hour Denny's within walking distance. We set off and had a very early breakfast while the car charged. The superchargers are located in a Texas Roadhouse parking lot and in the early morning hours, there was no one there, so we had no problems getting a place to charge. We departed at 5:30 and was beginning to see signs of the sun rising.
We arrived in Santee, SC at 7:14 am. The superchargers are located in a motel parking lot and again, we were the only Teslas here. Our charger worked well and we walked around to a small country store for a drink. We departed at 7:53 to 56 degree weather. We finally made it down south!

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