Sunday, May 04, 2014


I am blessed to have a family that supports and loves each other through the tough times.
I had a very busy week and was able to get a lot accomplished. I was thrilled to get my work done, chores, play tennis, work-out and still have some time for myself.
I watched Jon play a great tennis match with an old friend.
I enjoyed the short amount of sunlight we had this week!
I had a good laugh with my tennis partner that turned a terrible situation into something rewarding.
We can't wait to take the girls to brunch on Sunday before their spring finals.
I'm grateful to have a couple of kitties who like to snuggle up against me when I'm upset.
Lately, I'm loving Constant Comment Tea again. Just a cup with a splash of milk is a fantastic pick me up during the day.

I've been snacking on Cliff Bars after a tennis match. Delicious.
May has begun. Let spring follow!

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