Sunday, May 11, 2014


Spring blossoms have burst in Boston. It's gorgeous to see the blooms along the Charles River. And speaking of Boston, we gladly picked up the girls and brought them home from their spring semester. Let the summer begin!
Ashley and I went out for a celebratory breakfast and an older couple secretly paid for our meal and left the restaurant ahead of us. It was a "pay-it-forward" treat.
I had a fantastic week playing tennis, taking lessons and working on different techniques. I am so hooked on tennis and love every minute on the court.
I made an effort to touch base with a bunch of friends this week. It was so much fun to get together for coffee or lunch and just have a fun chat. I am grateful to have good people in my life.
This week was so busy with work and errands, but I felt so relieved and accomplished to get it all done.
The sun caused the temperature to reach over 70 degrees today. What a treat.

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