Sunday, May 18, 2014


I am so blessed that I come from a family that keeps in touch and knows they can call on each other through thick and thin. This was something that I learned when we had an issue back in 2000 and we all supported each other through it. It opened my eyes to how lucky I am, how great my father and siblings are and how truly blessed I am to call them my family.

Summer has unofficially started in our house. The girls are home from college and we've already got reacquainted. I love having them around and cherish this time daily.

I have been working on my next book and have been writing feverishly! The plot lines and characters have taken over my waking thoughts as well as my dreams. I love this stage of the writing process and feel like I finally found my calling. Now I know what I want to be when I grow up!

I started back an a tennis club that I visit on and off through the year. The people are so welcoming that I feel like a princess when I go on the court. I've competed in many things throughout my life and know how rare it is to be able to compete with others and yet be able to call them friends.

Jonathan had his birthday this week and Ashley jumped through a lot of hoops to get his gift. She amazes me with her ability to find a gift that the recipient truly loves. I always tell her that "she gives the best gifts".

We tried North Carolina BBQ this week and loved it. We also learned a few things. When someone in North Carolina asks if you want BBQ, never ask them if they mean chicken or pork. NC BBQ IS PORK. Chicken is something entirely different. Also, NC BBQ sauce is vinegar and spices. It is delicious and cuts the fat of the pork nicely. Do not expect a gooey BBQ sauce.

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