Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Fat Washing Cocktails?

Have you heard of fat washing cocktails?
It's not really washing, at all, but rather a way of infusing the flavor of fats into cocktails.
The method is this... Fragrant fats such as butter, oils or even bacon are melted and then added to a liquor. The liquor and fat sit together and it's frozen (or chilled) and the fat is skimmed off. Traces of the fat and the flavors from those fats are left behind.
Seem weird?
I think so, but it's also a bit interesting.
Think about the possibilities - nut, olive or seed oils can be infused to make cocktails a bit more subtly flavored. Buttered Rum takes on a whole new meaning. It might be a different way to make Sangria or mulled wine!

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