Sunday, June 29, 2014


I am so blessed to have another great week.
Summer began a week ago and we are already off to a running start. And speaking of which, I did a super long run in the heat of the day that was tiring and exhilarating.  It was my "drawbridge run" that I've been doing for a few years now, but this time I felt stronger than ever.
Allie and I took a 3.5 mile walk at sunset. We talked and laughed and found shells along the beach. Allie found 3 shark's teeth!
Ashley picked up tennis again and it's like she never stopped. She's hitting harder, stronger and faster than before.
The girls found an Indian Restaurant that serves the best Indian food we've ever had. We love naan bread and the waiter spotted that immediately. He brings us fresh baskets of naan throughout our meal that are piping hot and slightly charred (to perfection). Delicious.
We've been loving the fresh summer produce. Tomatoes and peaches are in season and they are delicious.
We're busy planning decorations and menu for the 4th of July.

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