Friday, June 06, 2014

Building a Birthday Sand Sculpture... Or Three

For Ashley's 20th Birthday she asked to make a sand sculpture as a family. So, as with all birthday requests, we did everything to make it happen!
I made a few sketches and we researched how to build structures out of sand, acquired a few simple tools, and we got to work!
 First, we dug a deep hole in the sand. We were digging until we reached water, because wet sand... really wet sand is required. (We could have filled a bucket with sand and then filled it with water, too.)
 While Jon, Allie and Ash were doing the heavy lifting, I sketched out the shape of the octopus in the sand.
 Ash decided that we were going to make a giant octopus and a 3 eyed fish. Jon also wanted to make a surprise sculpture for the birthday girl.
 We began by building layers of wet sand. We packed the sand down, added lots of water and packed it down some more.
 Jon was busy working on the secret sculpture.... He looked like a determined little boy.
We worked and worked, getting covered in sand. People would stop and ask us about the sculptures.
 After we finished the octopus and Jon's sculpture, we went to work on the fish.  Allie was busy taking photos, so she's not in them!
 And the final result.... The octopus...
 The three eyed fish....
 Jon's secret sculpture was a Tardis for Ashley!
 He leveled the shape to look like an English Police box!
And here's the three of us along with our giant octopus, fish and Tardis

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