Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Currently Using....Baby Oil

For the next week or so, I'll list out some products that I'm using to great success. Many can be found in generic form, but are all part of my daily routine. The first product is
The first product is... Johnson's Baby Oil. I'm not sure what was the intention of this product originally (perhaps a moisturizer for infants, hence the name). But, I use this product daily.. in place of shaving cream for my legs. I started using it when the skin on my legs began to crack from being dry. I noticed that even when I moisturized after shaving, my legs were terribly dry and it was a dual step process; shave then moisturize. Now, I simply slather baby oil on my legs in the shower or bath towards the end of my shower. Then I shave with a dual bladed razor like normal. I rinse off the razor, dry it and set it aside until the next day. Blades last me over a week now, as opposed to going through 2-3 a week. My legs are moisturized and no longer crack.
The oil is great for my legs, but didn't like the way it felt when used under my arms. It will work for me in a pinch, but I still use shaving cream under my arms.
The only pitfall is that since the oil is clear, it's hard to tell if I got good coverage. If I miss a spot and go over it with the razor, I will get red bumps. So, I make a deliberate effort to slather it on well.

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