Sunday, July 13, 2014


The second week of July has breezed past. It was wonderful and I am so blessed in my life.
I was in contact with all my siblings in one form or another this week and I am grateful for them.
We had a dinner party at our home and my father offered delicious ideas and menu suggestions for a pre-diabetic, low carb diet. It was a tremendous help and the dinner went well. We tried some new recipes that used fresh produce and I thought they were tasty.
Ashley finished her summer class with an overall grade of 103. Where does she come from?
Allie has a few more weeks to go before her class if complete. She's hanging in there.
I woke up to a double rainbow this week. Nature is breathtaking.
 We went for an impromptu late night snowball... Southern snowball, that is... Snowcones. Look at those happy faces.
 Jon and I sat on the beach and watched the sunset. It was dramatic and peaceful to watch it fall beneath the horizon.
 The girls set up a beer tasting for us. We tried all sorts of beers that we had never tried and a few that we had. It was fun to taste the varied flavors and remember the people who loved specific ones, like my grandmother loving dark beer. We tried Harpoon IPA (flowery, not my thing) Fosters (Australian and tame) and ciders, which were the girls favorites.
And speaking of booze... Yours truly was carded yesterday. I was speechless and thrilled. Thank you, Ms. Clerk, for thinking I was of questionable youth to purchase alcohol.
I surprised a friend with a custom made tee shirt. She had just had surgery and thought it was fun. She sent me the photo of her wearing it and loving it... So many laughs.

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