Sunday, July 20, 2014


It's been a fantastic summer so far and another great week. I am so grateful for my family and friends who make every day a blessing.
I played tennis with friends and had a great time. They are good natured and good sports. Who could ask for anything more?
I went running outside and felt so strong and alive. 
I've been super busy working and it's rewarding to see progress.
Ashley has been cooking dinner a couple of times a week while I work. She is a fantastic cook and her help has been invaluable with me being able to reach my deadlines.
Allie has one more week before her summer class is over. She's finishing up her last assignments. 

Ashley made ice cream in a bag. It was delicious. She shook a milk, vanilla and sugar filled bag in a larger bag filled ice. It was tasty. I bought her an ice cream maker so she can experiment with other recipes. Can't wait for her to do her research.
 Jon and the girls put ads for my books in local papers. They surprised me by leaving the paper on the counter for me to "discover". It didn't go as planned because I overlooked the ad for 3 days! But, with enough prodding from Allie, I finally saw it and shrieked in delight!
 And I gave a book to our neighborhood coffee shop and they posted it on their Facebook page. It was such an unexpected thrill to see it online!
Jon and I watched as a school of stingrays jumped out of the water and played in the ocean. They were so graceful and strong. I had never seen stingrays surface and jump. It was unreal and beautiful.

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