Sunday, July 27, 2014


I am so blessed to have such supportive and fun friends and family in my life. Each day I am grateful for their kindness, friendship, and love.
Ashley and Allie made dinner this week which helped me to spend time writing. Not only was the dinner delicious, but I was able to get work done!
I played tennis with a fantastic group of friends. Many laughs ensued. Best tennis.
Allie finished her summer class and we went to dinner to celebrate the completion of her hard work.
I've been working on some illustrations that are coming along well. I'm enjoying the process and hope the client likes the result.
I'm making a German Chocolate cake for a friend's birthday party. I love making food for friends. It gives me a chance to make things I've never cooked.
I did a long run this week that caused me sore muscles the next day. It was a rewarding pain but I'm so glad that I completed it.
My sister's sister-in-law had a baby! A new little angel in the family is a welcome blessing and a miracle.

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