Sunday, August 10, 2014


Back from a quick blogging break. I am so grateful for this wonderful summer. It's going by so quickly, but had been so wonderful to have our daughters home from school. We've had so many laughs, fun times, heavy conversations, silly times, and quiet time together. We're wrapping up the final few weeks together. I love, love, love them.
I've been working on my tennis and am grateful to have hard working, patient, and skilled instructors.
My tennis friends are amazing and I am in awe of how many great friends I've made due to tennis.
My Ladies Tennis Team competed at the District Competition in Newburyport, Mass last weekend. Jon's team competed in Haverhill, Mass, so we were only twenty minutes apart. It was fun to get to the championship competition after a long season. The new season starts in a month.

I've been working day and night on my third novel. It is so close to completion and I am so thrilled with it. I even think about it in my dreams. I'll be taking a blog break until it's completed, so bear with me for a few more days.

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