Sunday, August 17, 2014


 The summer is coming to an end and we have only a couple of busy weeks before the girls return to college. I made them cinnamon rolls, one morning, and was thrilled with how they looked before they baked.
Allie and I saw wild dolphins playing, splashing, and jumping in a small cove. It was the most beautiful sight and our excitement at seeing them was tremendous.
Allie took me to a little restaurant that is operated by a cook who owns a fishing boat. If he catches something that day, the restaurant is open. If not, no food... pretty simple formula. We lucked out that he was open the night we went. I had scamp for the first time. (Scamp grouper is a delicious, sweet white fish).
 Ashley found a beautiful fish market. We went inside and the fishmongers helped us with some delicious fish and shrimp. I had to take a photo of the cooked octopus!
 Here are my angels in the elevator. They smiled even though they are sick of me snapping pictures. I'm grateful for the three of them everyday.
We found a new-to-us restaurant and had to have my picture taken with the mascot. Love a man with an eye-patch!

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