Monday, August 25, 2014

Book Launch Celebration - MV Kearsarge Cruise around Lake Sunapee

We had the book launch/celebration party for Death on the Water this weekend. Not only did we luck out with gorgeous weather, but the entire day was wonderful.
 I'm standing in front of the MV Kearsarge, the ship that inspired the tale. It gave me tingles when I walked up to it because the last time I'd seen it was in the dead of winter when I was so kindly given a tour. Since then, I've thought about the fictional ship that I created in my mind. It was so eerie and exciting to see "my ship"!
 The crew and staff of Sunapee Cruises were phenomenal. They even put my book cover on our cake!
 We had kids of all ages...
 Tim Fenton, my source and one of the owners/operators of the ship and my friend Natasha. I can't say enough great things about Tim. He was so helpful, kind, and humble. I just hope I did him justice in the book. I want to capture his spirit and determination.
 This little troublemaker snuck some frosting from the cake! She's lucky she's completely adorable!
 Friends enjoying the ride!
 Our fantastic crew! They were full of smiles from the moment we arrived! They were so much fun, so prepared and just awesome. Captain Kara let the kids steer the boat, She waved at people on the lake and narrated the lake history! The food was fantastic and the ninety minute cruise flew by.
 Everyone needs a fantastic helper and Lilah was enthusiastic and adorable!
 Everyone smile! And we did! I'm so glad my family and friends were there. These are the people who inspired me and supported me. I adore them!
Look at how behaved our young men and women were. Such beauties!
And Jon gave me a last minute toast! 

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