Sunday, September 07, 2014


It's been an amazing week.

We brought the girls to Boston University for their fall semester. They packed efficiently and then unpacked just as quickly. They each have great roommates and are off and running!

My friends joined us for a fun birthday dinner. The restaurant decorated the table for us with fun glasses, flashing balloons and beaded necklaces. It was a fun night.
 My angels sent me a birthday bouquet! This was quite the surprise because they made me a delicious dinner before they left for college.

 Jon and I saw this mama duck walking her baby ducks in a parking lot.
 I spent part of my day working on Gelli prints in preparation for ART SWARM in November.
We found beautiful avocados for sale 10 for $10. 
We've been eating them on toasted bread with some crumbled goat cheese, chopped with tomatoes and just plain! I plan to put them in smoothies.

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