Sunday, September 14, 2014


Gratitude is the best attitude - Author Unknown

I truly believe that being grateful makes me a happier and better person. Life is about the moments and being able to be grateful makes those moments rich. It's easy to get caught up the pitfalls and drudgery of everyday life, for we all go through hassles, problems, and issues. Being able to overcome setbacks is a blessing and recognizing that opportunity is a gift.
The girls had a super busy first week at college. I still can't believe they're back in Boston and the fantastic summer is over. They hit the ground running with classes, labs, meetings, and luckily, meet ups with friends.
I've grateful for small talk. Sometimes it's fun to chat with strangers, just pleasantries, as they used to be called.
I took some time and sat by the water and did a sketch. It was a warm up for a more intricate drawing and I was enjoying my time in the sunshine. A bunch of people came up and talked with me. At first, I admit that I was irritated by the interruption, but then I realized that I was being silly. People were being polite and curious. The sheriff cruised his car over to ask if everything was all right and then came back twenty minutes later to check on me. I was fortunate to interact with kind people while doing something I enjoyed.
My sister sent me a birthday card that brought a smile to my face. It's funny how sisters know how to strike a chord. I'm grateful for her in my life.
Last week my friends set up a small dinner party for my birthday. For some reason, they wanted to have another one, with just the four of us! How lucky was I that my friends took so much time out of their busy lives to be so considerate!
I wasn't feeling too great on Monday and Jonathan made me a delicious pot of homemade chicken soup. It was delicious and he was so careful to fill it with things I love, garlic, leek onion, tender chicken and fresh thyme. I'm blessed to have such a loving husband.

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Did you get any new boots yet??