Sunday, September 28, 2014


This week has been full of blessings for us. Some have required a little more work than others, but each was a blessing in itself, for which I am grateful.
Tuesday, September 23 was the first official day of autumn. Summer is long gone and winter is on the horizon. We have lived another great summer and are heading into the colder weather. Looking at the bright side, we have beautiful snowfall ahead of us and are just that much closer to another great summer.

Allie has created another app for iPhones. It's called TripPic and it's designed to allow people who take photos with their phone to be able to write the location and date (or other info) right on the photo. Of course, I think she's brilliant and being able to record things like this are so helpful.
She's great and I enjoy using this new app.
Jon and I took a long, long walk on Saturday. We've been building up to this 8.4 mile walk and it poured for 6 miles! And I mean poured. Thunderstorms, lightening, and so much rain. It was so much fun! We saw an eagle and hid under a tree to try to keep dry. We failed, but it was still fun. A boat passed us and waved and blew kisses. I giggled at their cockiness, just because they were under the canopy... talk about ridiculous....
I've been working long days and feeling very accomplished. I firmly believe that "work begets work" and the feeling of achieving something is very, very rewarding.
I've read many articles on the negative impact the internet has on people's lives and am familiar with many horror stories. Despite all this, I am convinced that the internet is not inherently evil, but merely a tool for people who are either evil or not. This week, I was in contact with so many people using the internet and email, where the experience was positive. I am grateful to be able to interact with childhood friends, family and long-distance friends with ease, convenience and little cost.
This week I had a Eureka moment. It's one of those times when I come to a realization that I want to change something in my life or modify my behaviors to be stronger, smarter, or more efficient. I'm grateful for those times and these opportunities in life.

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