Monday, September 22, 2014

Gelli Printing and the Hidden Stencil Technique

 I spent a productive morning making Gelli Printed folders for the class I'm teaching at ArtSwarm in November. I busied myself working on a few new techniques, paints and tools that I want to use in the class... and came up with 25 file folders!
Here's one of my favorite ones. I limited myself to three layers of Gelli printing and just five colors of paint. 
 I came up with a few prints, besides the folders...
 Loved the colors and textures. I just got carried away with the process and didn't realize that hours had passed.
And while I was doing it I stumbled upon a fun result. Unexpected by me, but surely others have figured this out. 
Let's call it the hidden stencil technique. I roll paint onto my Gelli Plate by using a brayer that is inked in paint. I like to clean it off by rolling it onto a separate paper that I keep beside my Gelli. For some reason this time, I set the paper on a stencil and rolled the brayer across to clean it.
And a rubbing appeared. I loved the look of this, so I kept the stencil there and continued to clean my brayer on the paper, leaving the stencil in place. I had a few papers going -- so that I kept paint in the same color family together (reds and oranges on one sheet; blues and purples on a second sheet) and produced even more mono prints... loved it!

Here are two of the stencil behind-the-paper pieces. You can see the different brayer strokes in the different colors with the hidden stencils.


Sadelle said...

Ooh this looks like a great idea, Daniela! Woot!

Sand Hill Art said...

Now that's what I'd call a Happy Accident!

Kristy Tyra said...

Great idea!

Kristy Tyra said...

Great idea, doing it on purpose!

laurel said...

Very cool! De definitely going to try that out.