Monday, September 29, 2014

Gelli Printing: Paper Leaf Tutorial

Here's an old post from September 18, 2013....

Paper Leaf Tutorial using those Gelli Printed Papers

 If you like foliage and want to keep it around longer than peak time of only a few weeks, try making some out of paper.  They're realistic looking, beautiful and a great way to use Gelli-printed papers.
If you aren't already addicted to Gelli-printing, you can make painted papers using a brush and stencils or even just use patterned paper.  If you are like me and look for any excuse to Gelli-print, get out a bunch of autumn colors and go to town.  Use cardstock or heavier paper because you need it to be strong.  (Be sure to use a bit of white as a top layer, though, it adds some interest to the finished piece.)
You can use a leaf stencil or sketch out your own shape. 

Or you can download these two images, cut them out and use them to trace the shape onto the printed paper.

 You can be very frugal and plan to get the most number of leaves out of a printed page, or you can cut out a block and trace a leaf onto it.
 Carefully, cut out your shape. Don't worry if the edges look sharp or come to points, so do real leaves. And don't fret if the paper curls.  So do real leaves! But, if you want a perfectly flat leaf, just press it in the pages of a heavy book overnight to flatten it out.
 After you have the leaf shape cut out, ink the edges.  I used three colors -- golden brown, brown and dark brown.  Dab the ink on the edges of the leaf, trying to create variation and make the edges appear if they are starting to deteriorate.
 Lastly, use pens, pencils or markers to sketch veins in the leaf.  Just loosely draw a line from the stem to each point.
Mount onto paper and put in a frame. Now you can enjoy your autumn leaf all year long.
These would also make interesting napkin rings (just attach a new elastic band to the underside), table scatter for a elegant fall table or place cards for Thanksgiving dinner if you write the names of your guests on them.  My daughter suggested hanging them in the window and turning them into a mobile.  How about making them into a autumn themed garland?
Can you think of any other ideas?


Win Dinn said...

Great leaves - as beautiful as Mother Nature's!

DannyB said...

Thank you, Winn!