Saturday, September 20, 2014

NH Corn Mazes Fall 2014

Autumn is the season for corn mazes in New Hampshire! There are a few farms who plant corn, not with the purpose of harvesting it, but with the intention of creating an attraction for people to stumble through with their kids!
We took the girls to corn mazes when they were younger. It was fun to meander around the corn stalks work our way to the center. Jon was always fantastic at navigating the map. It took us an hour or so to get to the goal and then half that time to make our way out. The only thing more convenient would be if they placed a restroom inside the maze, because inevitably, some child has to go when you're halfway in....

For the full article from WMUR, NH's television station, click here.
NH Locations:
DERRY -- J&F Farms, 603-437-0535
MILFORD -- Trombly Gardens, 603-673-0647
LEE -- Coppal House Farm, 603-659-3572
EAST CONWAY -- Sherman Farm, 603-939-2412 (opens Sept. 27)
CANDIA -- Charmingfare Farm, 603-483-5623 (opens Oct. 10)
MEREDITH -- Moulton Farm, 603-279-3915
HOPKINTON -- Beech Hill Farm, 603-223-0828
GREENVILLE -- Washburn's Windy Hill Orchard, 603-878-2101
LONDONDERRY -- Elwood Orchards, 603-434-6017
GILFORD -- Beans and Greens, 603-293-2853

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