Monday, October 27, 2014

2014 Wearable Fall Fashion in Sketches

 Fashion is something that is supposed to be a way of expressing yourself. You can look tidy, flirty, professional or just plain fun. Each season the fashion houses put out new styles along with popular colors. I don't follow it too closely, but I do try and wear things that I like that are comfortable.
 I love tall boots. To make the look a little more modern, pair it with a tall socks that just peek out from the cuffs of the boots.
Carry a dress from the summer or spring into fall by wearing skinny jeans or leg gins underneath. Throw on a pair of heels and the look is fresh.
 Wear a black blazer with black leggings and then wear brown boots.
 Wear dark boots and booties with a short skirt. Add a long sleeved tee and you can wear it in the cooler weather.
 On warmer days, wear a flouncy skirt with booties and long necklaces.
 Try adding texture with a fun vest and tall boots. Add a matching belt to bring the look together.
 Use a scarf in your hair to offset a masculine looking outfit.
Lastly, pull out the plain skirt and add leggings with a pair of pumps for a fun look that's also warm.

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