Sunday, October 05, 2014


Jon and I went on one of our daily walks and saw an eagle in flight. It was breathtaking.
I'm collaborating with another artist on some upcoming workshops. We're working to put the new lesson plans together and it's a treat to work with someone so knowledgeable and kind.
My girls are taking mid term exams already. I can't believe they are in their second month of classes already.
I've been working furiously on projects, some old and some new. I've always had multiple things going at once which requires a lot of organization. Right now, I think I'm working on more than ever before.
Boot Shopping for Cold Weather has begun. Theses boots are my newest pride and joy. They are made for wide calves and have a long back zipper for easy on and off. Love them!
Winter Catalogs have arrived. West Elm, Potter Barn, Williams Sonoma. I love to look through them for inspiration for Christmas and Thanksgiving.
We went to dinner with friends and had a great time. I'm grateful for their company.

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piera said...

I love those boots! Where did you find them??