Sunday, October 19, 2014


Some days are tough. Some weeks are tough. I try to be grateful for all that I have in life and most days I can find many things. Some days, though, it's a little tougher.
I'mg grateful for my family and friends. I love hearing from them and sharing in their lives.
It's stone crab season (Oct 15 - November 15) and I love the tender crab claws.
 Ashley knit herself a hat! She taught herself to knit just a few weeks ago and has been busy making scarves. I didn't know she could do a hat too!
And here's my version of the knitter!

Ashley, Allie and John went apple picking last weekend and enjoyed the beautiful New England weather.
When I'm not working, I've been busy playing tennis, running, and working out. I crave these chances to sweat and gasp for air. It's a relief for me to have an outlet when things get tough.

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