Sunday, October 26, 2014


"Today is a multiple cup of coffee type of day".

I think we've all had these days (or weeks or months). The way to escape being overwhelmed is to live in the moment, while carefully planning for the future. But, not over-plan or devote energy to anxiety.
I take a step back by being grateful for so many good things and good people in my life. This gives me a moment to pause, realize that I am loved, and energize.  (Or as my strong and beautiful sister would say... "reload").

I have a great family whose strength and hard work I admire. My father works with every breath he takes. He works for himself, which means he has all the responsibility for his success. Somehow, he finds time and energy to help others, and that includes me. I am grateful to him. Thank you, Dad.
My youngest sister is one of the strongest women I know. She is lovely, affectionate, and I equate her to a lioness. Pure beauty, elegance combined with a fierce will. She was a blessing from the moment she was born.
My brother is a genuinely considerate and kind person. He is brilliant (so what if I'm bias?) and he found a bride who matches him perfectly. They have two children who challenge them, adore them, and make their lives complete. Together, they have worked hard to make a beautiful life for their family and they invite us in too!
My oldest (of my younger sisters) is a force to be reckoned with. She manages to do a million things well and always with a smile. She will help her friends moves across the country, organize a summer camp, and invite 20 people to a lobster bake... all in one weekend. Did I mention that she always smiles? She and her husband have a daughter who is the spitting image of my sister who is learning all of her tricks!
My next sister in line is as tough as her twin, but has a laugh that is unmistakable... And I suspect the reason she also has a six-pack for an abdomen. Not only is her laugh contagious, but she cracks me up. In one phone call she'll have told me the things she's done in the last week that make my eyes spin. How does one woman accomplish so much in so little time?

I am blessed that I come from a family of strong women. And I know that that tradition will continue in the next generation of ladies. My daughters amaze me every day. Thank goodness we have email and texting abilities, because I am able to communicate with them throughout the day.

Allie is busy at her senior year at college, but still managed to get a write up in a Boston magazine.
A friend, who is also the athletic director at our old high school saw the article and included her in Alumni News!

Ashley is training for a half marathon, when she's not in class or working in lab. She's been making me giggle with her running stories, from gaffes to unexpected blisters and more.

We have some great friends who share their lives with us. I love spending time and laughing with them.
Jon and I have a favorite Indian restaurant that we frequent.  Lately, we've been frequenting it regularly, so much so, that I expect to be handed an apron when we arrive. The owners are so good to us and always make us feel welcome. They surprised us, one time after dinner, explaining that it was Diwali and then gave us some sweets to take home. It was such a fun time.

Lastly, I got such a great response from my work as Alex Ashe. My interview is up for Death on the Water.

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piera said...

You are a very inspiration women. You are so creative and smart. It is a pleasure to call you my sister. Your kids are very lucky to have you as a mother. You are the jack of all trades. Keep up all your good work!