Monday, October 13, 2014

Recipe Search: Javier's Salsas

Softened Butter, Javier's Habanero Salsa and Javier's Tomatillo Salsa
One night at dinner, our good friends started talking about their favorite restaurant in Dallas, Texas, Javier's Gourmet Mexicano. They go every time they visit Dallas and raved about the food, particularly the salsas. They described the salsas as unlike any other. Javier's serves warm salsa verde and warm habanero salsa with butter to dip the chips. The combination of warm spicy salsas, crispy chips, and butter were described as utterly fantastic.
I got to thinking about this combination and had to try it. Instead of dragging Jon to Dallas to eat salsa, I set out to find the recipe on the web. I thought that if I couldn't find the recipe, I'd at least find a description and could go from there...
Well, jackpot! I found the recipes thanks to a blog called Life is Delicious who posted both recipes as well as her 25 years of patronage for Javier's.
The Salsa Verde recipe is made with tomatillos, onions, peppers, and spices. I followed the directions, as they were well spelled out and prepared my first ever cooked tomatillo salsa.
The Habanero Salsa recipe uses tomatoes, tomatillos, onions, peppers, and spices. I was apprehensive of using 6 habanero peppers, so I only used 2 and our salsa had a little kick of spice. In the future, I'd be so brave as to use 4....
I prepared both salsas, which required preparing the ingredients by washing, drying, and cutting. I cut the larger ingredients and then cooked them as directed until the tomatillos turned from green to olive green/ brown.
We enjoyed the salsas. I really liked the Salsa Verde as the tomatillos gave it a nice tang. I was oddly surprised at how decadent the salsas tasted when dipped in butter.

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