Sunday, November 02, 2014


Blessings for the Week
Daylight Savings November 2014. We are lucky to have a bonus hour by setting the clocks back.
 I love seeing vegetable plants used as decorative foliage. In this large planter at the Savannah Airport, they used swiss chard plants to create beautiful color and texture in the garden for fall plants. It was a brilliant sight.
 Jon and I safely drove up the east coast. We watched the temperature drop as we left Florida, heading for NH. But, luckily, we encountered little traffic and only a few crazies.
 My sister sent me a picture of my niece wearing her new pajamas and reading a  book before bed. I'm such a proud aunt!
Our kids had fun on Hallo-weekend as they called it. Gamers will recognize their costumes... I did not. But, the smiles say it all.
Ashley and I have agree to do a mixed-media collaboration. She will be doing her knitting and I'll be mono printing fabric and sewing. I can't wait to start. We're still in the discussion stage, but it's already so much fun.
I know that this time of year brings a plethora of catalogs to our mailboxes, which seems like a waste of money and time, but they bring a smile to my face. My grandmother would peruse them for hours starting in September in preparation for Christmas. By the time early December arrived, she would have pages dog-eared and ready for her to make her gift purchases. Seeing the Christmas catalogs brings back this memory.

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