Sunday, November 16, 2014


I was basking in the warm words from the ArtSwarm participants. They were filled with kind comments, positive thoughts and enthusiasm. It was the perfect ending to a thrilling art filled retreat.
A friend met me for lunch and we talked and laughed throughout our break.
I'm swamped with work and thankfully completed a big project for our trade show in December.
Ashley and Jon completed the Spartan Race at Fenway Park in Boston! John, Allie, and I tried to be spectators, but they were too fast for us.... So we got before and after photos, but didn't see them during the race. We saw thousands of other people, though.
I had a fun time playing tennis this week and was glad to be indoors in the cold. Speaking of such things... we had our first snowfall and it was just as I remembered it. In fact, it seems like just yesterday that we had our last snow.

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