Monday, December 08, 2014

Advent Calendar for Tea Drinkers: Using Gelli Printed Paper

After showing my daughters the post on Bonnie's Advent Calendar, they reminisced about their own calendars from their childhood. Allie mentioned that she couldn't eat chocolate anymore, because she just lost her taste for it. They packed up after Thanksgiving and returned to Boston and I missed them dearly, so I got to work creating a calendar for them. Better late than never.
Instead of chocolate, I found another treat - tea. They drink tea together and I thought that a hot pot of tea after walking from class would be soothing. I had the added challenge of wanting to mail it to them.
I measured a tea bag and then created an envelope for each one. I wanted to keep with the "soothing" them, so I chose kraft paper colored envelopes and then added a burst of color with Gelli Printed Belly bands. They're just strips that can be wrapped around the envelope, like a belt. The Gelli prints are perfect for this!
I made 24 envelopes using the Envelope Punch Board and they actually went together very quickly. The tea bags were 3 1/2" x 2 1/4" so, I measured squares of paper 5.5" and then used the board to score and punch on the 2 3/8"inch mark.
This left me with envelopes that were 2 1/2 " x 3 1/2". Just the right size for a wrapped tea bag.

I stacked everything together: the tea bags, envelopes, belly bands. Then I filled each envelope with a tea bag, adhered it closed with glue and taped a Belly band around the center. This looked great and also reenforced the envelope shut.
Here are all the tea bags in their envelopes.
Lastly, I wrote the numbers on the side, 1-24, so they could hunt and find their Advent Gift for the day of the month....
Then, I packaged it up in a gallon size clear bag. I used another Gelli Printed paper as the bag topper and a tag that was embellished with gelli prints. I wrapped a piece of tissue paper around the envelopes to hide the Advent gifts and added a paper star to be fun. I wrapped the entire bag in bubble wrap and placed it in a priority mail envelope and rushed it to the post office. It should arrive a few days into December, but not too late.

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