Sunday, December 21, 2014


'Tis the last weekend before Christmas and I am grateful for all the wonderful people in my life. This year I've met some kind, brilliant, and generous people who make my life happier, intriguing, and blessed. I was in touch with some people far away and it soothed my soul.
Ashley and Allie finished up their fall term finals and we brought them home this week! They were exhausted, stressed, and tense, but hopefully they will be able to relax.
There are times when I feel lucky to live in a small town. This week I waited in long holiday lines at the post office and when it was my turn at the counter, the clerk asked how I'd been because he hadn't seen me in a few weeks. In the middle of a hectic, rushed day, his inquiry helped me to live in the moment and think about now, not everything I wanted to accomplish that day.
I practiced tennis with my team and we and a fun time. It was great to be on the court with them.
A friend sent me a Christmas card with a photo she took on her last trip to Costa Rica. I decided to paint her picture on a ornament and give it to her. I posted it on Facebook and received a bunch of compliments from friends.
Jon and I have been busy doing Christmas arrangements together. It's the first time we worked on things for the holiday and I love it.

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