Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Gelli Printed Gift Bags

Here's a fun way to use your Gelli-plate to make gift bags that can be used for Christmas or any gift giving. I like how this method allows you to make the bags in any color scheme and you can coordinate the tissue paper as well.
I used plain white lunch sacks, but you can use any color bag or even envelope. And while these colors are traditional, red and green, they are fun and bold... and my favorite blues and greens.
I also like that Gelli prints are done in a "stripe" fashion or partial print. This adds some interest and allows you to do almost any size bag... even large brown grocery bags.

 Furst off, I set up my plate, set aside the bags and the two essential pieces of scrap paper.
 I added acrylic paint to the Gelli plate by using a brayer to get the look I wanted, a wave of light and dark green.
 I placed my stencil on top of the painted plate.
 Then put my scrap papers on the bottom and top of the plate. I wanted to create a mask so that the center area of the stencil would be the only area that prints.
 I lined up the bottom of the bag with the bottom of the Gelli-plate. This allowed me to make lots of bags with the stripe in the same spot. It wasn't necessary, but I wanted to keep the bags similar.
 I pressed both a large and small bag onto the stencil, then removed the stencil and pressed white tissue paper to pick up the remaining paint.
 When I removed the tissue paper, there was still some more paint left on the plate, so I pressed another piece of tissue paper on that to pick up all the paint.
 Here are the prints, as well as the print that was taken from the stencil.
The Gelli Printed bags, folded.
And here are all the bags and coordinating tissue papers.

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Heidi Orndorff said...

Love this idea!

DannyB said...

Thanks, Heidi!