Friday, December 12, 2014

Gelli Printed Tag 6

This tag can be an ornament too. It's made from 7 circles that I folded and glued to another circle as a base. I think using the Gelli printed paper is so fun because the colors and textures make the ornament unique. And it looks like a flower, so next time I'll use red printed paper and get a poinsettia!
Start by punching 7 circles from Gelli printed paper or card stock. You might want to punch more than 7, so you can choose which patterns you like best.
Then fold each of the seven circles in a simple fashion You want there to be some overlap on the folds, so you're not quite folding it in thirds.
I folded 6 circles and then pushed them together to see if I had to "fudge" the last one to make it fit well. I wound up having to make more folds, so one of the circles is a bit thinner than the others... If you found that you folded too much, you may need more than 7, if you folded wide, you might only need 6 circles. I then outlined them with a gold paint pen and glued them to a plain round so that they would be stable.
When that dried, I used some gold dimensional paint to create a center pearl.
Then I took some red dimensional paint and made more parts to the inner flower.
When that was dry, I punched a hole in the top of the ornament and threaded ribbon through it.

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