Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Using Gelli Prints for Christmas Die Cuts

Once you start Gelli-printing, it's easy to amass a stash of prints and then wonder what to do with all them. How about using them for Christmas ornaments and tags?
You can start by simply using Gelli printed paper in your die cut machine or cut shapes by hand. You end up with already decorated pieces that are great as ornaments for a tree, gift tags, book marks, scrapbook embellishments, or pieces for mixed media. I use lots in my Advent Journal as well.
I find it easiest to take my printed paper and put it through the die cutter, rather than cut the shape from plain paper. Some cuts are very detailed and it's hard to print in the small spaces without warping the paper, missing spots or just giving yourself an extra challenge. (The above shapes are from Sizzix.)
 From here, you just take your die cut shape and use it as an embellishment. Here, I posted the star under some music printed verse....
And here, I used the Gelli printed snowflake as a gift bow or bag topper.
Here, I took a die cut shape of two snowflakes and used them as the center in this snowflake medallion.
There are also ways to use the die cut shapes with a little "doctoring up"
Here I took the die cut Christmas ornament and outlined it with gold. It's hard to see in the photo, but makes a difference in person. I added some ribbon and have a gift tag or light ornament to hang on a tree branch.
Here's a couple of examples of using Gelli-printed scraps as accent pieces. The main part of the ornament is NOT gelli printed, just the accents. It's a very effective way to use small pieces of Gelli prints in your work. I took the wreath die cut and attached two together to make it seem fuller. I added some shading with colored pencils, using darker greens and browns. I shaded the Gelli-printed bow as well, to make it pop and then added a red ribbon.
I cut a house shape out of black card stock, then layered a piece of book page on that. I scalloped the edge of the card stock and then added Gelli printed windows, doors, and the roof. I added some lines with black marker and have a simple gift tag. This is great way to use Gelli scraps and they don't have to be limited to "Christmas colors".

Be sure to check bag tomorrow for more Gelli Prints for Christmas ideas.
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