Sunday, January 04, 2015


For the first Blessings post of 2015,  I am pleased to announce my word of the year... accept. It's such a beautiful word that can refer to a gift, self-acceptance, communication, payment, approval, and faith. I'll think of the word as inspiration throughout the year.
We had a wonderful New Year's Day with the family and then spent some time just the four of us.
We feasted on fantastic food that my father prepared for a group of 12. It was delicious and festive and so filling.
 Allie and I made shaped pancakes for breakfast one morning. I love having the girls home.
My father handed out some old treasures from our childhood. These copper plates were scratched into images of our faces as kids. We've always hated them.... Now, they provide a good laugh for everyone.
This little cutie is enjoying playing with her cousins' old Duplo blocks that were passed onto her from another set of cousins! That's 3 families enjoying a set of toys!
I was busy working on my resolutions for the New Year and planned out some Art Series for the upcoming months. I will do a sketch a day, based on various themes. "Foxes" is the theme for January. 
The blog will take on a slightly new direction in 2015.  I'll be posting my daily sketches with some recipes, art things, Sunday Blessings Posts, and the occasional other fun things. Hope you'll join me!

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