Saturday, January 03, 2015

Resolutions and the New Year

January is the typical time of year when people start new resolutions. What better time than the New Year, to reinvent yourself, make gradual changes, or set goals. Surely, each day offers us the chance to change, but the New Year is a time to start over with a clean slate, so to speak.
Some people reassess the previous year's goals and see what worked, what wasn't beneficial, or areas for more improvement. This constant fact-checking allows for constant growth and improvement and the New Year only acts as a reminder of time that has passed.
Goals can be professional, personal, health or diet related... or all of them.
And while changes are certainly one way to set goals, other ways or making a resolution include adding things to accomplish: Perhaps setting up a list of 50 books to read in the next year or 12 places to visit, or to add in lunch with friends every couple of weeks. These are resolutions that are achievable and beneficial.
Here are some suggestions for you.
Here's a list of 52 Things to Do During the Year if you need more ideas.
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Here's 8 Food and Drink Trends to Try in 2015
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