Sunday, February 08, 2015


"There is always something to be grateful for"

I am so grateful.
We returned our niece to her rightful parents on Sunday. They were thrilled to reunite and it was great to be a part of her life while her mamma was away.
Ashley caught part of the crowds cheering for the Patriots during their victory parade in Boston.
I was surprised to receive a call from the local bookstore, Morgan Hill, who were pleased to inform me that they sold out of my book and need more copies! I can take that call all day long.
I received a surprise email from a friend that made me smile. It was great to hear from her.
Jon and I had lunch together at PC's Tavern. We had our first date there back in 1988, so it was fun to do so 27 years later.
Jon also spoiled me by designing and building this super bright hanging light over my studio table. The light will be a nice addition to my worktable. He made it so that we could easily break it down as well. 

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