Friday, February 06, 2015

When the Weather Gets Frightful, Make Art...

During the past week, New England, (particularly northern New England), has been blasted with snow. While this makes the driving dangerous, the power outages common, and the shoveling tiresome, it also makes for some down time.  I've been taking advantage of this and spending a lot of time creating drawings, paintings, and digital artwork.
From the top... A - nude figure in acrylics, B - canoes in acrylics, C- boat buoy in acrylics, D- Knitting Owl Yarn Postcard, E - Foxes in Scarves Postcard, F - Police Snowman in colored pencil.
The colored pencil drawings are the easiest to do. Sketching in pencil and then adding color is a quiet, low-mess activity. There are some smudges, a bit of shavings, but not too much mess.
Acrylic painting is more messy, requiring water, brushes, and of course, paint. It's a quiet activity, but without power, I hesitate to bring out the paints.
Digital work requires a computer, which thanks to battery life, an be down even during a power outage. There is no mess, no spills, no products other than the drawing and the computer program. This makes it easy to do anywhere.
In addition to varied artwork above, I'm continuing with the daily sketches of bears. Being snowed in makes a good excuse to do artwork.

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