Sunday, March 22, 2015


This week was full of blessings.
We played tennis again with some new friends who welcomed us into the club. They are both fun and competitive. It's such a good thing to be able to play with good sports. I can only hope they feel the same way.

The girls returned to Boston after a fantastic week of Spring Break. While they were here, we tried a new brunch place that Allie found. It was delicious. As usual, we were sad to see them go, but so glad that we were together.
Jon and I had a very quiet, very fun St. Patrick's Day together. We were busy with a million things, but at the end of the night, we met up for a traditional dinner, complete with green beer. We laughed and talked about our day and had a great time.
Spring arrived this week and we hope it makes it's way to NH soon!
I've been following the Strathmore Paper Online Workshop with artist Traci Bautista. It's a free online workshop with weekly videos on mono printing. I've enjoyed watching her techniques.
I'm busy working on a vegan recipe and needed some help, so I turned to my father, who knows a lot about specialized diets. He was helpful and answered my questions the same day. I was so lucky.

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Bonnie B. says said...

I love seashell #25, the jewels tones.