Sunday, March 29, 2015


 I'm grateful for more blessings this week.
Spring in Boston... snowfall in late March, but the snowbanks are gone!
I tried my hand (successfully!) at Key Lime Pie, even though Ashley makes Key Lime Extraordinaire. I figured out one that was smooth, tangy, tart, with a hint of sweetness. I'll post a full recipe next week.
Jon and I went for dinner and I asked if they could make me the Valentine's Special Appetizer. They took my request seriously as the sashimi was served in a perfectly beautiful heart. It was even more delicious than I hoped.
Our gracious and beautiful tennis friend gave me a copy of one of her books. Beach Cottage Chaos is cozy mystery, a romantic and fun read. She has a series of books based in western Florida and the main character is sassy, hard-working, and fun... just like Laura! We played another fun match with Laura and her equally fun partner.
I heard some rumblings in the tree and thought I saw something move. I stared for a while and realized that the red wasn't a flower, but a red headed bird. Talk about camouflage. It was an amazing sight.

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