Sunday, March 08, 2015


The first week in March brings more blessings into my life.
It's time to reset our clocks to "spring forward."
Jon and I played in a tennis tournament with a bunch of friends. It was great to talk with people and play against all different abilities. Jon won a hat and I won some court time.
I love trying new food and this week I tried Cobia, a hearty saltwater fish. It was delicious.
I made my afternoon latte and was so pleased that this one came out perfectly. I snapped a photo that captured the gradient from the milk to the espresso.
I'm working on some paintings for a exhibit that is due this week. I've agreed to enter 2 paintings, and am finishing up a third one. Now I have to decide which 2 to submit. I had the dilemma of what to do with the sides of the canvas. Instead of leaving them blank, I decided to continue the painting around the canvas. The paintings can still be framed, but for the show, they will hopefully looked finished.

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