Friday, March 06, 2015

Clipboards and a St. Patrick's Day Postcard

I have three new clipboards for sale on zazzle. They are all made from my drawings, are two sided and are really durable. Each one holds a standard piece of 8 1/2" x 11" paper, the boards are 12.5" x 9" and can hold 1/2" of paper and are made from strong plastic that creates a makeshift desk wherever you are. The first features my curious owl on the front
Owl and Bear Clipboard
Owl and Bear Clipboard by DMellenDesigns
and on the back is one of my bear sketches
Back of Owl clipboard

The second one is the Colorful Fish Clipboard on front
Colorful Clipboard
Colorful Clipboard by DMellenDesigns
and on back the sketch of the Bird of Paradise Flower
Back of Colorful Fish Clipboard

The third clipboard is black jellyfish on front and back.
Jellyfish Clipboard
Jellyfish Clipboard by DMellenDesigns
And lastly, for March 17th...
St. Patrick's Day Postcard
St. Patrick's Day Postcard by DMellenDesigns
Here's an adorable postcard for St.Patrick's Day.

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