Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Step-by-Step Acrylic Painting, Rays

 Yesterday I showed the first painting I created for the art show and today is the second and final painting. Again, I used acrylic paints on a 12x12 canvas and followed some tips for working on square compositions.
I started by building up layers over the course of a week or so. Each time I went back to the easel brought a different perspective and idea.
Finally, I finished the painting, but it was difficult to know when to stop adding things. I was trying to capture an underwater feel. I am attracted to the bright colors and despite painting a dark and camouflaged stingray, I had to add blues and purples for my own peace of mind. I also added blues and purples to the sun's rays, which was unexpected but totally worked.

Finally, I varnished the paintings. In my research, I found that acrylic paintings do not have to be varnished. The varnish seals the paintings, creates a unified gloss, and fills in the crevasses. I like the way the paint seems to glow under the varnish, so I went ahead and sealed Rays and Buoy.

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