Sunday, April 19, 2015


Another week full of blessings...
After a tough day, I spent some time mono printing. It was such a great feeling to get lost in the process. It was calming and grounding.
I conducted interviews this week with the purposed of learning about various professions for my next book. I was grateful for the opportunity to ask questions and have some very gracious and forthcoming personalities. I am fortunate to learn something new and even more fortunate to meet such considerate people.
We played tennis with another group of fantastic people. They were so much fun and such great players. We were lucky to be part of this group.
After a great match, my team celebrated our captain's birthday and departure. Lynn turned 70 with plans to sail around the Caribbean for 2 years! This woman has gumption, drive, and a killer sense of humor.
Remember the movie "Guardians of the Galaxy"?
Allie and her group donned costumes for the Google Games. I donned them the "Google-ians of the Galaxy". Ash worked on the make-up an they won an award! I miss those girls!

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