Sunday, April 26, 2015


We had another full week of wonderful things.
We played tennis with amazing friends and met some new ones. It was a great Sunday morning. Then, during the week, I played with some old friends and had a great time inside.
I had a fun dinner with an old friend. It was great to catch up and laugh.
My brother and nephew walked onto Fenway before the Red Sox game. The Boy Scouts and Tiger Scouts were called onto the field.
 I've been busy with work, but took some time to work on painting a set of blocks for my sister. I hope to have the project finished in the next couple of weeks and will do a blog post on the process.
We visited the girls and took them to Boston Beer Works for lunch. Ashley ordered this gigantic "Seventh Inning Stretch" frankfurter... She ate 1/8 of it!

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