Monday, April 13, 2015

Fishing Charter

One of the things I enjoy most about writing fiction is the opportunity to learn new things. When I wrote Death at the Notch, I researched hunting and tracking techniques as well as the geography and history of northern New Hampshire. When I studied the topics, it was with intensity. It was so rewarding and inspiring. The newfound knowledge led me in different directions and altered character traits as a way to deliver the information. With each book, I am fortunate to be able to write a story, which I enjoy, but also to be able to research new topics.
Lucky for me, I get to choose the direction to the topics. For my next book, tentatively titled, "Death on the Island" I am researching fishing in Gulf waters. For this research, I am going on a fishing charter.
I spoke with friends and got a recommendation for a great charter company and booked the trip.
This is a new experience as I've never fished in salt waters, on a boat and off-shore. We're using leaving at sunrise, using live bait and dealing with some wind and choppy waters.
I'm looking forward to interviewing the captain and first mate, being on the gorgeous turquoise waters, and photographing the wildlife.
But, I'm also a bit apprehensive. Did I mention that I'm plagued with sea-sickness?
The captain suggested taking some anti-nausea medicine the night before and I will follow this advice.
I've also done some research on prepping for the trip and found some other suggestions for a productive trip.
-Eat a solid protein packed breakfast before departure.
-Pack water and beverages.
-Pack snacks as the sea air will make you hungry: sandwiches, trail mix, nuts, pretzels, gingersnap cookies
-Bring sunblock, sunglasses and a hat
-Bring a long sleeved top to protect from the sun, as well as a sweatshirt.
-Pack hand sanitizing wipes to clean up after handling bait.
-Bring a camera, notebook, recorder or sketchpad.
-Tipping fee for the captain/first mate
-Cooler and ice for the catch of the day

Stay tuned for an update on our trip.

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