Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Remember Why You Started

I tend to be a driven person who likes to write lists, accomplish tasks, and try new things. The plus side to doing all this and putting in efforts is very, very rewarding and keeps me happy and challenged. 
The downside, is that I don't pick up things quickly, so there's plenty of time to get frustrated, second guess myself, or think, "do I really want to do this?" 
Most days, the answer is a definite, "YES! I not only want to do it, but I AM going to do this."
But, there are days when the answer is more like, "Why am I bothering?"and I hate those days.
When I get discouraged, if I can't shake it off, I tend to turn inward. This is the worst, because turning inward, being quiet, and trying to trudge through the muck by myself seems to open the floodgates for self-doubt, frustration, and sadness. In any other mood, I love to work. But, when these doubts pry their way into me, they weaken my determination. All the self-discipline that I've forged, no longer seems to be my pillar of strength.
It's during these low times, that I have had to come up with ways to cope and get through the muck. 
1. Being Thankful.
I try to be grateful each day for everything I have. I try to see miracles all around me: the graceful way a bird swoops in the air, the way the rain starts after I get in the car, the way the sun makes my skin warm. Each of these is miraculous to me.
2. Physical Exertion
Sometimes, I can blow through the doubts with a hard run or sweaty workout. This helps me to focus on something other than self-pity and gets me fired up. 
3. Love
I am blessed with kind, talented, and brilliant people in my life. My true friends and family are supportive and loving, just because that is who they are. They keep me happy, grounded, and motivated. They make me feel like they want to be around me. They love me and accept me for who I am, warts and all. Talk about feeling cherished. Their love is priceless to me.
Once I come out of the muck, I'm ready to go again, to remember why I started in the first place. 

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