Thursday, May 14, 2015

New Products: Tennis Designs

I added a few new designs to the shop. These cards are all about tennis and perfect for tennis loving friends and teammates.

"Don't Let the Skirt Fool You" Tennis Card
"Don't Let the Skirt Fool You" Tennis Card by DMellenDesigns
This card opens up to a saying inside, "When we hit, we hit hard!"
Tennis Hustle Postcard
Tennis Hustle Postcard by DMellenDesigns
The first postcard is simply inspirational, "Hustle, hit, never quit!"
The second postcard is encouraging.
Tennis LOVE Postcard
Tennis LOVE Postcard by DMellenDesigns
The last postcard is sweet, playing on the pun that "love" means zero in tennis.
You can click on the links to purchase them.

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